How To Find Portable And Modular Building In Commercial Area


Portable buildings

With more than 27 years of experience we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality prefabricated portable buildings manufactured by means of high technology and experienced staff.

Karmod through its long experience has developed an extensive range of portable buildings that can be used for different purposes. Our portable buildings represent a great alternative to traditional building that is time consuming, expensive and once installed cannot be moved.

Karmod portable buildings include modular cabins, portable containers and prefabricated houses. Each of these products is produced based on different plans, dimensions and designs that meet different customers’ needs and expectations. Weather you needed emergency accommodation units, refugees camp, worker camp, mobile housing units, remote areas residence units, kiosks, mobile offices, mobile WC and shower units or any other portable building solution then Karmod can provide you with the best solution that will best fulfil your requirements. You can also customize your own solution based on your special requirements.

All materials used in production of our portable buildings are chosen carefully from among top quality brands. All parts such as windows, doors, and electricity and water networks come as ready to use.

Modular buildings

Karmod is a world leader in producing modular buildings with long experience that started in 1986. Our modular buildings are produced under controlled plant conditions using high technology. Compared with conventional buildings, modular buildings are stronger and error free as they are designed to the same codes and standards and each module is engineered to independently withstand the difficulties of transportation, lifting, and on-site installation.

Being built offsite Karmod modular buildings undergo strict quality control procedures that ensure superior quality during all production phases. Other benefit of Karmod modular buildings is that it reduces the building construction time onsite to its minimum, and decreases site disruption.

Karmod offers wide selection of standard modular buildings solutions that cover wide areas of usages. Furthermore customers can have their own customized solutions and can get help from Karmod experienced engineers and technical staff.

Among the wide areas Karmod modular buildings usages we can mention: modular commercial buildings, educational and schools buildings, healthcare and medical buildings, municipality buildings, government and military buildings,  dormitory buildings, dining hall buildings and many other solutions.


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